[小说] 《羊脂球》第十二部分

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"What! Are you sure? He wanted to... "

"I told you that I saw it myself."

"And she refused..."

"Because the Prussian lives in the next room."


"I swear to you."
The count was breathless. The industry uses their hands to hold their belly. The bird owner went on to say:
"You see, so he didn't think she was funny tonight, not at all."

The three people all laughed again. They laughed so hard in their heart that they were all breathless.

That's how everybody broke up. But Madame Bird's personality was nettle-like, and when the couple had just lied down, she pointed out to her husband that little wretch of the Calais-Ramadan family had been laughing falsely all night: "You know, when the women got to love the soldiers, whether they were French or Prussian, in their eyes It's all the same. Is this a kind of pity, my Lord God! "

Throughout the night, in the darkness of the passage, there was a shivering, slight sound, which was only perceptible, like breathing, barefoot touches, and unpredictable frictions. People apparently slept late, for some light had long leaked through the cracks under the doors of the houses. Champagne really has its effect, it is said to have disrupted the sleepiness.
On the sixth day, the bright sun in winter illuminated the snow. The coach, which was finally fitted, waited outside the hotel door, and a large group of white pigeons stretched their heads out of their thick, dense feathers, lit up their dark, rose-colored eyes, strolled steadily under the feet of the six animals, looking for their nutrients in the steaming dung they had sprinkled.

Put on a sheepskin coat and sit in the seat at the head of the car with a pipe, all smiling, in a hurry to have people pack up food for the rest of the journey.

People just wait for the fat ball to drive. She appeared at last.

She seemed a little uneasy and embarrassed, but then she came timidly towards her companions, who, in the same movement, leaned to the other side as if they had not seen her. The count held his wife's arm with dignity, and kept her far away from the unclean contact.

The fat "girl" felt lost in her heart and stopped. Then she gathered all her courage. Then she humbly and gently uttered "Good Morning, madam," and went near the director's wife, who greeted him with only a head and looked at him with a look of disgrace. Everyone seemed busy, and stood far away from her, as if her skirt had brought a dirt. Then everyone rushed to the car, and she reached the end alone, quietly restarted the seat she had taken on the first day's road.

Everyone seemed unable to see her and recognize her, but Madame Bird looked at her angrily from afar and whispered to her husband, "Fortunately I did not sit on a bench with her."

The heavy wagon rocked and the trip started again

At the beginning, no one spoke. Mutton balls dare not raise their heads. At the same time, he felt indignant with his fellow passengers, feeling that his concessions had been wronged and stained by the lips of the Prussians, but that he had thrown her into the arms of the Prussians by the hypocritical means of his fellow passengers.

But the countess turned her head and looked at Lady Calais Ramadan, and soon broke the embarrassing silence.

"I think you recognize Madame artemel, right?"

"Yes, that's one of my girlfriends."

"How charming she is!"

"True love!" He is a truly outstanding person with a high level of knowledge and artistic demeanor on his fingers. He sings so well that he forgets sorrow and draws perfectly.

The director and the count were talking, and in the tumult of the car's glass a word or two came out by chance: "coupon --- term of payment --- coupon excess --- futures."
The owner of the bird stole an old deck of cards from the hotel, which had become greasy after five or six years of friction on the untidy tables, and now he was fighting his wife with the deck in a fight called Besieg.

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